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I’m a mess. It’s what I am. You cry and you cry until you think you can’t cry anymore. And then you cry some more. Not only for yourself and Felix, but for all the little boys who finally found other little boys they’ve wanted all their lives now that we’re men.


GET TO KNOW ME favorite bands/musicians: The Killers

Rock & Roll used to be about not having limits and that’s disappeared somewhere along the way. We’re trying to bring it back.”

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Hermione Granger in Half-Blood Prince
↳ You said to us once before that there was time to turn back if we wanted to. We’ve had time, haven’t we?

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#emma’s first date with hook: the charmings

I wasn’t spared. He was saving me for last.

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”Like the fact that the person Sirius cared for the most about in the world was you.”

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Rupert Grint on opening night of ‘It’s Only A Play’ (9 october 2014) [x]